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Umbrella Insurance

What is an Umbrella Policy?

Of course, you don't need to insure your umbrella...
As an umbrella protects you from the rain, umbrella insurance helps protect you by extending auto and home policies. Not only that, it may even cover some things that car and homeowners insurance policies don't protect you against. If you've got a lot to lose, this kind of coverage may be the most affordable way to protect yourself.

The break down

  1. Extra Liability Insurance Liability limits on typical home and auto policies are fairly modest when compared to the value of new homes and cars. People may think they have liability coverage through their home and auto polies but those have limits.  What are your limits and are they enough?  
  2. Legal Defense
    You have a legal right to defend yourself against claims of injury or loss, but lawyers are expensive. Not only will umbrella insurance help you pay claims, it can help pay for legal defense. If you were sued, how would you cover the legal defense costs?
  3. Extra Coverage
    Some umbrella insurance policies can get modified to cover more unusual risks that are not typically mentioned in an ordinary policy. Is it possible you have an unsual risk in your life?

Do you need Umbrella Insurance?

Do you have a house, retirement fund, and other assets that could be vulnerable to a liability claim? If so, contact us at your earliest convenience to discuss the reasons you need umbrella insurance.

If you have assets to lose then it's time to get under an umbrella policy.

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